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Years ago, I met the love of my life. Inspired, I revisited my artistic heritage through metal and wood until, at her urging, I began to offer some pieces locally. To this day, all of my designs for women first appear unannounced in the magic box that sits expectantly on her dresser. Some move on and become available locally and now, through Etsy, internationally.

With notebooks in my studio, car, and nearly every room in my home, I am always prepared to sketch my interpretations of architectural, mechanical, and natural elements I see around me or imagine. Lying awake at night, I'll sometimes reach for the note pad by my bed, turn on the tiny LED pen light anchored to my bedpost and try to flesh out an idea while she rests next to me.

About that magic box I mentioned. It started out as a simple gold-colored, satin-lined gift box she had on her dresser, housing a tangle of pieces, not of my design. One day, several years ago, when I had fashioned a new piece for her and, wanting to surprise her with it, I emptied the box, put the new piece in it, and moved the box to the entryway so she would find it when she came home. A tradition was born. Now, whenever I have a new design for her, the magic box takes it in and travels to the entryway to greet her. After our dog, of course.

For those designs that are compelled to move out to a larger audience, I will tweet their arrival with a magic box announcement.

A Word About Names

Drew Dylan Jewelry owes much to Ireland. From my Irish roots dating back to my family’s arrival on the coast of Georgia in the 1700’s to the trips we’ve taken over the years, I’ve had a romance with the Emerald Isle since childhood. That’s why all my pieces bear the names of places, whether town, river, or lake, from across its counties. And you can hear them pronounced by various natives by clicking the play button next to the name.


  • How do I make a purchase?
  • I am now selling through Etsy has proven itself a secure, enjoyable retailer. Rather than ask customers to trust yet another small seller with their credit card info, I chose to rely on a proven outlet.

    To see all currently available pieces, click on the Etsy Collection tab or you can click here to visit my Etsy store front in a new window/tab.

    If you are interested in a piece that is not currently available or that does not show up on, you may request the piece by choosing Etsy Listing... from the Request menu in its details section and I will contact you to discuss.

  • How do you ship?
  • Each piece is made to order and will usually be shipped within two weeks. Shipping time is around three business days domestically and varying internationally. Depending on the piece, materials availability, and the current order volume, the shipping time may be shorter or occasionally longer. If you have a short time frame or other requirements, please contact me to make sure I can meet your needs before you order.

    Free shipping worldwide on orders of $100 or more. All others ship for $6 per package (I can fit as many as four pieces in a single package).

    US orders ship via USPS Priority Mail.

    International orders ship via United States Postal Service (USPS) regular mail. You are responsible for import duties, customs fees, etc. so please be aware of the rules for your country. If you want tracking I can send your package via USPS Priority as follows: Canada & Mexico: $12. Everywhere else: $14. Please contact me before ordering so that I can adjust shipping for you.

  • Do you offer rush delivery?
  • Depending on my workload and/or using expedited shipping, I may be able to meet your deadline. Choose Rush Delivery... from the Request menu in the piece details section and I will contact you to discuss.

    Please note that this solution is only available for the 48 states of the Continental US.

  • Do you do custom work?
  • While I don't do commissioned work, if you would like a size adjustment or some small change to a piece as you see it here, please choose Customized Version... from the Request menu in the piece details section and I will contact you to discuss.

    Please note that customized pieces, unless agreed upon via email prior to purchase, are ineligible for return.

  • Are your pieces guaranteed?
  • Absolutely. If you are not satisfied with the piece(s) you order, please contact me within 30 days of receipt and I will do my best to make you happy. Please check the Returns Policy question below for more information.

  • What is your return policy?
    • You may return most pieces within 30 days of receipt. Please contact me to make arrangements.
    • Pieces must be returned in their original, unused condition along with gift box and accessories.
    • Custom orders, unless agreed upon via email prior to purchase, are not eligible for return.
    • If your product was damaged during shipping, you must contact me within 48 hours of receipt so we may find a satisfactory solution.
    • For your protection, please send returns with a tracking number and insurance.
  • How do I navigate your collection?
  • On all devices, you may:

    • click or tap on a visible piece in the collection display to bring that piece to the front,
    • click and drag in the collection display to scroll through the pieces,
    • click and drag on the slider to scroll through the pieces.

    On desktop and laptop computers, when the cursor is in the collection display, you may:

    • use the arrow keys or scroll wheel to move forward and backward through the collection.
  • Why are the names of some of your pieces hard to pronounce?
  • Short answer:

    They are placenames from Ireland.

    Long answer:

    When we first travelled to Ireland in 1998 ahead of the remnants of hurricane Mitch that later buffeted us on the Cliffs of Moher, I purchased an antique map of Ireland from a little shop in Dublin. When it came time to name my pieces, I decided to consult that map to give them names from the country we have enjoyed so much.

    Failing to make out enough names to allow for future use, I found a site dedicated to making Irish placenames available in English and Irish Gaelic. Their project continues to this day, growing this information according to an annual schedule.

    My necklaces take their names from the many rivers, big and small, found all over this beautiful island. My earrings and bracelets take their names from the towns of varying size, many that we have had the pleasure of passing through or staying in for a bit.

    Thanks again to the creators and maintainers of this wonderful site for providing recorded pronunciations by Irish-speaking residents of the participating counties. I hope you enjoy, as I do, the lyric quality of these names. Just click on the play button next to the piece name to hear it as it was meant to be spoken.

    Please note that if you discover that one or more of these names have some horrible or embarassing meaning, please let me know so that I may change them and remove the shame from my collection. Who knows? There may be something in it for you.


    Just refer to the item code below the name to make communication a little easier, if not as interesting.

  • Why doesn't the Play button work on my iPhone/iPad or other device?
  • Recent versions of iOS and possibly other mobile agents circumvent the method I use to play sounds. I hope to solve this issue soon.

  • Why doesn't the Request menu work on my iPhone/iPad or other device?
  • I'm not sure but am looking at the problem as I type this. I hope to solve this issue soon.

  • Why doesn't this, that, or the other thing work like it should?
  • I'm not sure but if you would take a couple of minutes to contact me and describe the problem, I will try to fix it.

    Please note that I do not have access to every mobile device and may be unable to replicate the problem you've discovered.

Jewelry Care


  • Keep each piece of jewelry separate from other jewelry to prevent scratches.
  • Keep your jewelry in a dry place.
  • Keep your jewelry in a closed container like a jewelry case or a resealable plastic bag, if possible. I include anti-tarnish paper strips for use in either the original box or your jewelry case.


  • For best results, carefully clean pieces periodically. Clean your jewelry with a mild detergent or soap in warm water and then wipe it dry. If the piece has delicate or pointed parts that could catch on a towel and cause damage, I recommend using a hair dryer instead.
  • To remove tarnish from bright finishes, use one of the included polishing pads or a polishing cloth. If your piece does not include any patina (intentionally darkened/oxidized) areas, you may use a dip. If your piece does have patina areas, use only the pads or cloth and be careful because the polish can remove the patina as well as the tarnish. In most of my jewelry, this is not a problem because the oxidized areas are in corners and recesses, requiring an extra effort to remove it. If you accidentally remove this oxidation or you are uncomfortable polishing the piece yourself, you may send the piece to me, postage paid, and I will restore the oxidation and/or polish the piece free of charge.
  • To remove tarnish from brushed finishes, use a small piece of Scotch-Brite to very carefully brush the finish in the original direction of brush marks. Be careful to avoid any patina. Don't panic if your brush marks aren't perfect the first try - with Scotch-Brite, they will be very shallow and you can try again till you get it right.
  • If you accidentally remove the patina from your piece or if you are uncomfortable cleaning it, you may send it to me, postage paid and insured, and I will clean it and/or restore the patina free of charge. Please contact me to make arrangements.

Metal Reactivity

Some people's skin reacts strongly to contact with one or more metals used in jewelry. This reaction results in varying degrees of discoloration (oxidation) to the metal and staining of the skin. If your skin discolors quickly when in contact with copper, I recommend an application of clear nail polish to the piece where it contacts your skin. Several of my customers have had success with this technique on copper-banded cuffs.